Dive Control Specialist Instructor

Make the jump from training divers to train Dive Leaders! 

Become a key player in the diving industry! Teaching the new Dive Control Specialist Course can be rewarding, fun and profitable. This is also the first step to becoming an SSI Instructor Trainer. 

Gain experience training new Instructors by assisting active Instructor Trainers in Instructor Training Courses. The more experience you have, the better your chances for being accepted to attend an Instructor Trainer Seminar. 

Prerequisites for the Dive Control Specialist Instructor course are:



Requirements for Dive Control Specialist Instructor certification are:

Attend a Dive Control Specialist Instructor course through an SSI Instructor Training Centre or SSI Headquarters.

Option 1:
Attend a real Dive Control Specialist Training Course

— OR —

Option 2:
Role play an Dive Control Specialist Training Course with other candidates.


ITC Dates 2016

Our schedule ITC's are listed below, special ITC's with Special IE's can be arranged for an upgrade fee.

August 19 to 28 2016 ITC Course

October 21 to 30 2016 ITC Course

December 1 to 10 2016 ITC Course