After passing an SSI Instructor Examination (IE) held by SSI Headquarters you will become an SSI Open Water Instructor (OWI) or better a Specialty Instructor, since you get 4 Specialty's included in your ITC.

The Specialty's included are:

As an SSI Specialty Instructor (SI) you can teach and issue certifications for any specialties you are qualified to teach.

Instructor Training indonesia, Komodo, Labuan Bajo

Now you only have to certify 15 students in any of these specialty courses (including the Advanced Adventurer) and you will be granted the recognition level of SSI Advanced Open Water Instructor (AOWI).

As AOWI you are qualified to get the Science of Diving Instructor Specialty course done and then you are able to teach SSI Divemasters.

After certifying at least another 30 students which must include a minimum of:

You will be granted the SSI Divemaster Instructor recognition rating

After certifying at least another 30 students as Scuba Diver or Open Water Diver you can join a Dive Control Specialist Instructor Seminar and staff a full ITC and you will get the rating of SSI Dive Control Specialist Instructor.

If you have logged at least 250 dives, and issued at least 150 student certifications:

You will be awarded with the most precious rating of SSI Master Instructor. This is an prerequisite to be invited into an SSI Instructor Trainer Seminar (ITS) held by an SSI International Training Director (ITD) the highest rating available in the SSI System.


ITC Dates 2016

Our schedule ITC's are listed below, special ITC's with Special IE's can be arranged for an upgrade fee.

August 19 to 28 2016 ITC Course

October 21 to 30 2016 ITC Course

December 1 to 10 2016 ITC Course