SSI DIVE GUIDE (not active)

This Diveguide specialty course is made for people who love to guide their friends without having to be affiliated to SSI (no yearly membership payment required)

Devoted divers with a desire to pass along their love of scuba diving to others will find the SSI Dive Guide (not active) program a rewarding experience.

ssi-dive-guide-program-komodoMuch as the SSI Open Water Diver course opened the door to diving, the SSI Dive Guide (not active) program will open the door to leadership, which allows you to enjoy diving on an entirely different level.

SSI Dive Guide not Active Specialty (can only guide friends)

This program is an introduction into the world of Dive Professionals. As a Dive Guide you will be qualified to lead friends on a variety of scuba diving adventures. 

For many divers in Labuan Bajo (Komodo) or Bali Indonesia, this will be the easiest way to become a certified Diveleader.

As a certified SSI Dive Guide (not active) you can:


SSI highly recommend that you be certified in Enriched Air Nitrox as a Diveguide

ITC Dates 2016

Our schedule ITC's are listed below, special ITC's with Special IE's can be arranged for an upgrade fee.

August 19 to 28 2016 ITC Course

October 21 to 30 2016 ITC Course

December 1 to 10 2016 ITC Course